Don Borneke Construction, Inc.
We are experienced in all types of terrain from southern Texas and throughout the midwest and Canada.
Don Borneke Construction, Inc. completed their first civil wind project in 2000; and currently has completed over 60 projects totaling over 3,200 turbines & 7,000 MW.  Don Borneke Construction, Inc. has worked in multiple states and Canada.
Typical civil infrastructure scope of work includes:

• Site Clearing
• Laydown Yards and Staging Areas
• Turbine Access Road Construction
• Foundation Excavation, Dewatering & Backfill
• Erosion and Sediment Control / Storm Water Management
• Public Road & Intersection Upgrades
• Road Maintenance & Dust Control
• Crane Travel Paths                                • Crane Pads & Laydown Pads
• Crane Assistance                                  • Substation Civil Work
• Turbine Delivery Assistance                • Site Reclaimation
• Cement & Lime Stabilization                • Rock Excavation & Crushing
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