Don Borneke Construction, Inc.
Don Boneke Construction, Inc. facilitates safety education and training to it's employees through company safety meetings and task specific training.
Don Borneke Construction, Inc. is committed to providing a safe workplace. The expectations of this commitment includes proper training; appropriate personal protective equipment; engineering out safety hazards when possible; holding all employees accountable for safety; and planning safety into each project/ task.

Many of our employees have been with us for decades. This experience and knowledge helps keep us efficient and timely. We also understand the value of keeping our jobsites and crew safe from all work hazards. Our full time safety staff ensures our low accident rate remains below indutstry average. A Comprehensive Safety Manual governs the performance of our crews.

Superintendents and Field Supervisors are subject to additional training requirements including: First Aid, CPR, hazard communication, and PPE assessment.
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